Trail build report: pot hole fixing & wood moving on Piper’s hill

Trail map showing potholesThe aim of this build day was to fill potholes and puddles using material  from bags that had been filled on the previous build day.  We also wanted to move logs from the recent forestry operations to ensure that the contractor didn’t have to drive over the trail to collect them.

We’d walked the trail on the previous evening and highlighted the main problem areas.

I arrived at 9am to find Phil ready with the compactor. We were soon joined by Andy Smith, Kristian, Chris Witherington, Will Carling, Neal Middlemore and Mark Pulleyn. The group got started on shifting logs from Piper’s hill whilst I did  a bit of wheel barrow fixing due to punctures. We gained a new second hand barrow from this operation, courtesy of a local tool hire depot.

Muddy trail fixed.

Fixing mountain bike trails.

Debbie Davis arrived and walked round the trail picking litter. We’d noticed quite a few bottles, cans and bits of bike junk on the recce walk the previous day. Sad. Kat spent several hours litter picking too.

Pete arrived with his Land Rover and we were then able to shift material up Piper’s hill.

The first rock garden was build way back in December 2008  (more). The current layout on Piper’s hill was constructed in July, August and September 2009,  surfaced in  October 2009 and was then resurfaced in October 2010, more in March 2011 and then more in March 2012,  April 2012 and December 2012! The section before the first rock spine was surfaced in December 2010.

Dean Bull, Marcus Darnell and Chris Hopkinson arrived following their overnight bike packing trip.

Log edging for mountain bike trail.

A short section on the climb was reinforced.  Then the large straight after the rock spine was completely resurfaced. This had only been given a cursory surface on the previous year. We fixed potholes and puddles just before the wooden steps and also at the top of the climb. 

Litter picking in SwindonAlso present as the day progressed were Steffan, Gary Palmer, Jason Rodger and Gary Lee. 

Weather conditions took a turn for the worse as the day progressed. At least it was warm though.

Alan called round for a visit with baby Elliot in her all terrain buggy.

The drainage pipes on the berm after the steps was uncovered and large pond was cleared of water.

We finished off for the day by fixing “the wall of death” berm. With the Land Rover finished for the day we shifted material using good old-fashioned wheel barrows from the triangle entrance. The new layout at the start of Piper’s hill was built in April 2011 and the wall of death was built in June 2011  more.

It was great to see the few problem areas fixed ready for the summer. Thanks to all those who came along and helped.

Newly fixed trail in Wiltshire.

Newly surfaced mountain bike trail.

We had a total of 18 helping on the day:

  • 1) Tom Stickland
  • 2) Phil Mayger
  • 3) Kristian Price
  • 4) Chris Witherington
  • 5) Will Carling
  • 6) Neal Middlemore
  • 7) Andy Smith
  • 8) Debbie Davies
  • 9) Steffan James
  • 10) Gary Palmer
  • 11) Jason Rodger
  • 12) Mark Pulleyn
  • 13) Dean Bull
  • 14) Marcus Darnell
  • 15) Gary Lee
  • 16) Pete Ratcliffe
  • 17) Kat Beeston
  • 18) Chris Hopkinson

 See the complete build diary.Croft Trail map March 2013

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