Core Skills/Intro Course

Route used on the “Core Skills” training course


Submitted by: Rafe
Start: Barbury Castle
Finish: Barbury Castle
Direction: Clockwise
Distance: 16 Km
Rating: Easy
Description: This is the route we use on the “Core Skills” training course
Route: View on map
Download: GPX file (right-click and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”)

1 thought on “Core Skills/Intro Course”

  1. Chris Merriman

    Trainer: Pete
    Knew his stuff. Related well to trainees and pitched at right level.
    Route was appropriate.
    Personally I took the course as prep for the trails course and therefore found it quite easy but having never had any MTB tuition I still learnt plenty. It is also the first time I have benefited from comments on those things you cannot see for yourself like position on the bike.

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