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Chamonix MTB holiday with Singletrack Safari (1 week trip)

Ultimate alps mountain biking holiday.Following from an amazing week in Andorra in 2014 the riders requested another trip with Singletrack Safari!

This package is for one week Chamonix MTB holiday: a week of guided riding in the French Alps with Singletrack Safari.

The first guided day is Sunday 2nd August. The last guided day is Friday 7th August. Wednesday is not guided but there’s loads of sign posted trails in the area anyway.

Accommodation and more info here:

Luxury B&B in a accommodation new for 2015.

To book please contact tom at mbswindon co uk or ask on the Facebook group.

Andorra mountain biking holiday.

List price £600.
Special MBSwindon discount

6 People – £530
10 People – £510
15 People – £490
Geneva transfer is an extra £50

The £490 price point is £5 less than this holiday was 6 years ago …and that was in a 2* hotel back then!

Doesn’t include: travel, bike, insurance, drinking money

Lift passes have to be purchased by individuals. Generally they are around £17 per day, depending on how many days you buy in one go etc

Event on Facebook

Guided mountain bike holidaySee what we got up to in 2013.


Bristol Oktoberfest 2014

MBswindon ladies race team on podium at Bristol Oktoberfest.The Bristol Oktoberfest is another one of our big race events. Last year we entered 28  riders as solo riders, pairs, teams of 3 and teams of 4. Everyone is encouraged to get involved – it’s a lot of fun even if you doubt your race credentials.

The venue is also used for the Bristol Bikefest (see photos from 2013).

If you already have a team then it would be great if you enter as an MBSwindon team. If you haven’t got a team then contact us with your preferences (solo, pair, team, race/for fun) and we’ll work on allocating teams.

Facebook event page.


Summer trip to Andorra with Singletrack Safari

Singletracksafari Andorra

After visiting the French alps in 2013, 2012 and 2011 then we’ve got something completely new for 2014.

This is  one week trip in Andorra with Singletrack Safari. It is based at a 4* hotel in Andorra.  See for an idea (website shows the 2013 hotel which was 3*).

There are two main options: 

  • Five days of guided riding plus a 2 day lift pass as part of the price. The start price is £525 (compare with list price of £555 with extra for lift pass).  If we have 1o or more then the price drops to £500, 15 means £475, and 20 means £450. The guided days are Sun, Mon, Tue and then Thurs and Fri.
  • The self guided option is £350 and  includes a 6 day bike pass.

All options can convert to half board for £75 extra (list price £115). Airport transfers from Barcelona are approximately £40.

To book or express an interest then please email tom at mbswindon co uk or post on the event Facebook page.

Deposit of £70 for self guided and £105 for guided. The remaining amount will be calculated later based on your options and the group size.


Bontrager 2412 (Twentyfour12) 2014

Twentyfour12 2014 logo 

Tewntyfour12 xc raceThe Bontrager Twentyfour12 is an endurance mountain bike race around an off-road course at Newnham Park near Plymouth. There’s 24 and 12 hour races starting at midday plus a solo only 12 hour race from midnight (the torch bearer).

The venue is perhaps England’s finest with beautiful scenery, a flat arena/camping area complimented by a course that has been host to five rounds of the Cross Country World Cup in the 1990s and continues to have a superb reputation for variety and fun riding.

Photos from the 2013 event.

You can enter via the XCRacer website. If you already have a team then it would be great if you enter as an MBSwindon team. If you haven’t got a team then contact us with your preferences (solo, pair, team, race/for fun) and we’ll work on allocating teams.

Facebook event page.

Weekend trip to Coed-y-brenin with Hit the hills

The Pink Heifer at Coedybrenin

A two day stay with Hit the hills in a catered bunk barn within riding distance of the Coedybrenin trails (see our handy route guide plus the Hit the hills route guide).  The bunk house is opposite a pub and also allows access to the trails via back lanes and tracks.

Special club price of £115 per person (6 meals + accommodation).

For more ideas see this report from the trip  in Sept 2012.

Riding: the trails are all waymarked. Option of driving or riding to the trails. A group will ride to the trails and then there are various choices of route length. Tom is going to do an epic mash up route again if possible.

Rough plan:

  • Friday: arrive at the bunk house. 
  • Saturday: ride the local trails.
  • Sunday: ride the local trails.
  • Monday: back at work?

Facebook event page.



CANCELLED – First aid training course

Due to low numbers this course has had to be cancelled.

Mountain bike crash victimThis is a one day course with Wolverest group that provides a certificate in basic first aid. It is based at their training centre in Swindon. Read our first aid story to see why training can really make a difference. Photos from the Nov 2013 course.

It will cost £40 per person inclusive. Meeting at 9:30am at the Wolverest Training school.  21 Cherry Orchard North,  Kembrey Park,  Swindon, Wiltshire,   SN2 8UH. Details such as lunch are not confirmed yet.

To book a place please post on the  Facebook event page or contact via

There’s room for 12 people on a first come, first served basis

First aid log roll.

Topics covered:

  • Initial care of the scene and patient
    • Fears of first aid
    • Road safety
    • Barriers – gloves and face shields
    • Initial assessment
    • Breathing unconscious patient and recovery position
  • Cardiac problems
    • One rescuer CPR
    • Chest compressions only
    • CPR hand over to a second rescuer
  • Other primary care problems
    • Choking
    • Serious bleeding and types of wounds
    • Shock
    • Spinal injury
    • Snatch rescue (removing a patient from a dangerous situation)
  • Specific injury management
    • Breaks and fractures
    • Embedded objects
    • Eye injuries
    • Sunburn
    • Head injury and helmet removal
    • Hypothermia
    • Chest injury

Weekend trip to Mudtrek (near Brechfa)

Mudtrek logo

Mudtrek describe themselves as “the ski chalet for mountain bikers”. They are located in Wales near the Brechfa trails. See the ride report from October 2013.

The approximate plan is:

  • Arrive Friday evening.
  • Guided ride on Saturday at the Presceli hills (new venue).
  • Sunday do a shorter ride.

The price is £135 per person (provided we have 10 or more which we always have managed previously). That covers accommodation, breakfast, lunch and evening meal for two days (menu). The comfortable accommodation also has washing machines and clothes drying.

Mountain Mayhem 2014

Wiggle Mountain Mayhem 2013

Mountain Mayhem start

Mountain Mayhem is the regarded as the biggest relay race event in the UK!  

There was an exciting new location in 2013- Gatcombe Park near Stroud (google map). See the race report for more details.

We’ll have a club presence and aim to put as many teams in as we can. Prepare for a good social as well as a load of riding.

Lets us know on the Facebook event page or via our contact options if you’d like to be in a team.



Bristol Bikefest 2014

Bristol BikefestThe Bristol Bikefest is one of our big race events. Everyone is encouraged to get involved – it’s a lot of fun even if you doubt your race credentials. See the photos from last year.

The venue is also used for the Bristol Oktoberfest (see our Oktoberfest 2013 write up).

If you would like to join via mbswindon then please contact races @ mbswindon co uk before Friday 9th May.

We’ll be entering the Saturday 12 hour event so the options are: 1/2/4 riders, open/old gits/singlespeed, M/F/Mixed

Facebook event page.