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We are discontinuing the MB Swindon Events page. Use the website (www.mbswindon.co.uk/events) or the events section of the MB Swindon & The Croft Trail Facebook group. New events will be posted here only.

A bit more detail

When the Facebook group was established we were able to invite all of the group members to club events. As Facebook changed and the group grew the ability to invite everyone was removed. After a number of complaints from members about this, we looked into how we could continue to invite members.

At the time the answer was the MB Swindon Events page. This allowed us to post Facebook events and send invites to all of the MB Swindon & The Croft Trail Facebook group. Having tested this for over a month we moved all our events to the new page. Within a month Facebook changed (as it constantly does) and the ability to send invites to the group was removed.

We have persevered with a separate page to avoid chopping and changing. However, after a number of complaints we have reviewed this and have decided that posting events to our main group is less confusing. I have transferred all of the published events, with the exception of Castles Marshalling, to our events section in MBSwindon & The Croft Trail. There is a lot of content under the Castles Marshalling event that I do not want to be lost. After the Castles ride we will close the MB Swindon Events page.

The definitive source for ride information is our website (www.mbswindon.co.uk/events). We will post events to the events section of MBSwindon & The Croft Trail group. Hosts of events are able to invite their friends in the group, but not the whole group. So please check regularly for new events and rides.

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