The next step (Step number 1)


The “next step” rides are aimed at those who may have tried novice friendly rides and are looking to progress to and build confidence on more technical terrain at a slow and relaxed pace.  They would also be suitable for people who have ridden at trail centres before but who may be concerned that they lack the fitness or confidence to ride within a group that may contain some experienced riders.
The intention is to offer a series of rides at some of the nearest trail centres with an incremental level of difficulty.  Starting with Ashton Court, then The Forest of Dean and Swinley and Culminating with Cwmcarn. If you are able to make the whole series then  they should offer a good progression of challenge to your skills and fitness.
The pace of the rides will be set at slow and steady “Snail friendly” pace with regular opportunities for rests.  Where the trails might become more challenging then there will be a chance for riders to look at obstacles in advance and to walk down or ride around anything that might look intimidating.

If you like to crack on and ride fast then these will not be suitable for you.  If you enjoy a break, a bit of a faff and some natter on the trail side then these rides might be just your cup of Tea.

Ride Details

The vague plan is to start with a lap of the Nova trail, then cross the road and do the Yer Tiz trail. After that, we can go for whatever the group fancy.  Such as repeat those trails or have a go at the arguably more challenging trail in 50 acre woods. At any point, people can bail out and head home as we are never far from the car park which makes this an ideal place to start our next step rides. The terrain is all rollable with only a couple of short climbs that might get the lungs working. Following the next step ride ethos the pace of the rides will be set at slow and steady.  Any sections that riders might find challenging can be taken slowly to help build confidence.



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  1. If anyone has spare space for me. Can you give me a shout please.
    Don’t drive so kind of stuck.

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