The Full Ponty


You can leave your hat on if you like, but I would recommend a helmet and to strap yourself in for a 60km South Wales epic!
Starting in Pontypool and winding our way up the valley to Blaenavon and back we will experience some of the wonders of the Welsh valley where your ride leader grew up.
“Sounds easy that does butt!”
Well its not…  We will climb the height of Ben Nevis (not Snowdon, Ben Nevis) on this ride and will likely be in the saddle for around 5-6 hours. It will be worth it though as we will be taking in some of the best bits from our previous visit to Blaenavon and will be adding some more views in to keep you eyes and camera’s happy and enough trail riding to keep your riding skills in check.
There will be no planned cafe stops so you will need to pack a lunch and plenty of snacks.


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