Trail build report: Sat 30th & Sun 31st October 2010

Saturday 30th October 2010

I picked up the power barrow and whacker plate from Brandon Hire Swindon on Saturday morning. They didn’t believe that the barrow would fit in my Mk3 Golf Estate. It does, as I showed them. However, the whacker plate and planks were too much, so they delivered them in their van.

At the trail I was on my own for the morning. I moved the last of the rocks from the pile near the car park up to Piper’s hill. Then I filled the bottom section on Piper’s hill with old slabs and rubble. Phil arrived from work at 1:30pm followed shortly by Chris and then James with his father and their friend Andy. Mr Anon arrived a bit later. With this many people and the power barrow we managed to fill the whole section in with limestone chippings.

Piper’s hill was originally built in Sept 2009 and surfaced inĀ Oct 2009.

Rubble to go.
Pile of rubble
Brandon hire muck truck and plate compactor.
Brandon Hire muck truck power barrow.
Muddy trail on top straight.
Muddy track
Close up on mud.
Muddy trail
Toad in the hole.
Toad in a hole
Surfacing bottom section.
People working on trail.
Rubble in hole.
People working trail.

Sunday 31st October 2010

We arrived at the trail for 10am and were soon joined by Gary. Up on Piper’s hill we filled the whole of the top straight with rubble. We built three rock sections using the rocks from the previous day. The probation service were on site bringing chippings up to us. By lunch time the top section was surfaced and compacted. Rafe brought his Land Rover and built up the mud pile entrance ramp with Alan and Pete. Experienced trail builder Mike turned up too and had some useful advice and opinions on several things we’ve been planning.

By the end of the day we’d got four sections on Piper’s hill reinforced with rubble and a decent amount of limestone:

  • Section after first rock garden
  • Mud pile ramp
  • Lower section from bermed corner to switchback
  • Top straight as far as rock spine

This means that most of the remaining muddy sections have been dealt with.

A big thanks to everyone who turned up on the weekend.

Gary’s anger management session.
Madman with sledge hammer.
Rafe’s Jeep (Land Rover).
Yellow land rover with two people moving mud.
Gary with Muck Truck.
Gary with muck truck.
Gary and Mike.
Man with shovel
Alan and Rafe on mud pile.
Man compacting mud
Entrance to mud pile.
Three men building trail.
Finished trail on top of Piper’s hill.
Finished trail.
Night time working. Again.
Working in dark.

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