Sunday 18th Oct Trail Building Update

We had the probation service here today with 8 people and a trailer. They finished off the surfacing on the downhill at Piper’s hill, the outlet section and half of the inlet section. Pete directed that whilst Phil and Tom did some work on improving the woodwork grip.

The jump half way down Piper’s hill is now open. We got some video of people using it.

Later in the day Phil and Tom sorted the new flat switchback on the entrance to Piper’s hill, adding about 30m of trail.. We also sorted the centre of the previous section, the tight part in the trees. We cut back quite a lot of branches and raked the line. We sorted the off camber corner on the new section between the pond and motorway.

Finally we painted some of the woodwork with sand plus yacht varnish. We want to see how this turns out before going any further.

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