Sunday 25th Oct Trail Building Update

Another day with the probation service. They had 8 really keen people, the van, the trailer and 4 wheelbarrows at their disposal. These guys shifted a hell of a lot of gravel. They’re coming back next week too (most of them).

In the morning they surfaced the remaining part of the start of Piper’s hill. Then they surfaced the switch back at the entrance to the section. Phil and Tom spent a long time looking at the options for the new bit we want to build just before the new part of Piper’s hill.

In the afternoon we dug out and surfaced the muddy part of the new section down near the motorway. Then we surfaced the two switchbacks and climb up to that part.

There’s only one trailer load of new gravel left. Luckily, we found that the there’s a pile of decent gravel next to the mud pile.

Next week we plan on doing a load of preparation work on Saturday afternoon. The aim will be to bench cut and prepare for the berm in the section just after the pond on the South side of the pitch. Also hopefully Ian will be able to mark out his proposed berms. Then on Sunday we can get a load of mud moved in and also, hopefully, gravel.

Oh yes, thanks to Jodie for the meals on wheels service. The cake was graded A+.

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