Build report: 1st Nov – non slip, pond surfacing, Pete’s steps

Shifting material onto the pond corner.
Shifting material onto the pond corner.

Rainy day.

In the morning Rafe, Phil, Pete and Tom installed some sample patches of the latest non-slip surface for the woodwork…..heavy duty felt roof tiles.

The afternoon was spent digging out and surfacing the trail on the South side of the pitch near the pond. When tiredness was setting in Lee turned up, and Pete a bit later. This had been cut out in October 2008.

A start was made on the difficult short cut near Piper’s hill. These have been known since as “Pete’s steps”.

4 thoughts on “Build report: 1st Nov – non slip, pond surfacing, Pete’s steps”

  1. Hi Guys, keep up the hard work, apologies for not attending the building/maintaining sessions. I will make a donation instead.

    Just a thought, I believe you are using felt roof tiles to stop the wood getting slippery? Have you thought about using chicken wire, I think it would be a lot more durable??


  2. Hi Elliot – why not make a donation but still try to get down to a building session? 😉

    I’m afraid that we’re not permitted to use chicken wire, there are lots of reasons but at the end of the day it’s as simple as that.


  3. Hi Elliot, thanks for posting. The tiles that we are testing are at least twice as thick as the felt on your average shed roof. If they work (and its looking promising) then it’ll be far cheaper to replace these as/when/if they wear out than it would be to solve the problem in any other way. As Rafe said above, chicken wire is not an option for a number of reasons. The safety of the user being top of that list.

  4. Yeah, we’ve spent a huge amount of time and effort talking about solutions to the slippery wood problem. The roof tiles look like being the best combination of cheapness/ease of installation/grip level. It’s just a trial at the moment, and it works out well, we’ll extend it.

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