Build report: Sat 18th June 2011

Building a mountain bike track bridge at Croft Trail in Swindon.
Bridge building.

Rain was forecast and the skies obliged. Luckily our trail builders are a hardy (and some say stupid) bunch. Excitement was high as Jez delivered the first two 5m beams for the bridge into the triangle. This was installed with the help of Phil, Richard and Kristian.

The triangle area is going to contain around 800m of new trail connected to the existing trail with two new bridges. We’d dug the route in to and out of the area on the previous build weekend.

Attention then moved to Piper’s hill. A new section had been opened there back in April (build report). This hadn’t been surfaced at the time due to the dry ground. We’d planned for this though and material had been dropped off ready (build report). The team spent the rest of the day surfacing the first half of the downhill section. Tony joined us for this part. The switch-back had sunk a bit and needed reinforcing and compacting.

Jez decided that the berm at the bottom of the hill would be better if it was roughly twice as high, so began work on the wall of death.

Trail build map for Croft Trail (behind Nationwide) in Swindon.
Trail build progress 18th June 2011.

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