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The “Winter’s Coming” Ride

Tom Scott is leading this local ride. We will do half a lap of the Croft Trail then head out to the hills, before returning via Ladder Lane and completing the lap.

You will need spares, tools, food and drink as well as appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

This is a novice-friendly ride and we will wait at every turn for people to catch up.
(Note – this ride has replaced the originally advertised Gravel Ride.)

Build Day! Fix red section berm and other jobs

Come down and help out if you can, we’ll be focusing on fixing the first berm into the first red section that is collapsing, but will also be looking at sorting other tasks such as filling pot holes, resurfacing the first section of trail and general maintenance around the whole trail.

For some history of build day activities take a look at our Croft Trail build diary 

Carry On Rafe!

It’s been a long time since Rafe led a ride, but he’s back! Quite possible that he’s totally forgotten how to ride a mountain bike, despite being one of the club’s qualified mountain bike instructors… but watching others fall off is always amusing, so come along for the laughs.

The ride will be a relaxed bimble, nothing technical, start location to be decided but it’ll be local.

Location update – ride will start at our very own Croft Trail

Pedal , Pies and Winter Warmers

Novice friendly and broken riders without bikes most welcome!

Debbie Davies and Kat Ratcliffe would like to have your company for our second Croft Trail Christmas meet. 10.30am to 1pm

Call in, do a few laps of the trail and join us for mince pies, mulled wine and hot chocolate.

This is not a guided ride, so you can do as much or as little as you wish. If you don’t fancy riding just come down for a chat and a warming drink.

The more the merrier

Croft Trail Autumn Gathering

Come and spend an autumn Friday evening down at our very own Croft Trail. We’ll have Cotic on site with a range of bikes for you to demo. You’ll need to bring some pedals, photo id and either a credit card or a set of car keys to leave as security before taking a bike out.

What’s that I hear you say? “It’ll be dark then and I don’t have a decent light!” Well have no fear, the guys from Hargroves cycles will also be on site with a full range of lights for you to demo too.

To top it all off we’ll have the BBQ fired up and there’ll be free mulled cider for all.

International take a kid mountain biking day


1st October is ‘international take a kid mountain biking day’ (yes, it is a real thing! Click https://www.imba.com/kids for details). To celebrate this there’ll be a family friendly ride around Croft Trail for all you parents to get out and ride mountain bikes with your kids and other like-minded folk.

We’ll meet from 10am for a few leisurely laps at a child friendly pace and you’ll be able to ride red or blue routes and do as many laps as you wish, just don’t be surprised if the kids riding skills put us all to shame.

This is a great excuse to get out riding with your kids, feel free to bring a picnic and make it a fun family day out.

**********IMPORTANT NOTICE********


Trail Building Update

Last year we started a programme of Friday night build sessions throughout the summer. They worked really well and we got a lot done with a small team, so much so we decide to do the same this year.

Those of you that are regular visitors to the trail will have noticed the new optional red line that connects the blue to the red over by the motorway. We built a ‘double’ and went further down the hill banking round at the bottom with a new berm. This meant that there might be some conflict between lines so to reduce this we installed a stepped up rock garden on the existing red line to reduce rider speed where the two lines meet.



Remember those rocks that were dropped off on site back in March? We moved them over to the same area and installed a new rock garden which now gives us multiple ride options on that section, the theory being that you can now ride 4 or 5 laps whithout riding the same lap twice. To keep the existing red line interesting we’ve also built another, slightly smaller double.


Back in March we removed the first woodwork section at the lowest part of the trail as it had become dangerous. We’d long since grown frustrated with the line down to that section as it had never worked quite as well as we’d hoped. We spent a lot of time walking the area looking for an alternative and eventually settled on a plan. This would entail a change of direction at the blue/red split, a new berm and hopefully swooping the line in and out of the ditch at the bottom. We made a start on this in April, building the back of the berm in timber so as to reduce the amount of dirt needing to be shifted. An exploratory bit of line cutting gave us a bit of a problem in that we couldn’t take the line through the ditch where we’d wanted to. A quick re think saw us come up with an alternative line and after digging and test riding it we think it works really well.

20160610_194331 20160610_194406 20160610_194454 20160911_153431 20160911_153514We’re currently surfacing this section and hope to have it officially open within the next month.

Kudos to Jez, Gary, and John for regularly turning up for the Friday night dig sessions and to Jason and Guy for turning up when they could.

Our Friday night sessions will continue until the end of October, these aren’t every week though so keep an eye on Facebook for announcements if you want to get involved. We’ll also be having a more traditional Weekend build day soon so look out for that too.

Hargroves Demo Day 2016 at Croft Trail Swindon

2012_05_06 Sun Hargroves Demo Day 036
After the success of the 2015 and 2014 Hargroves Demo Day they are back with more bikes for you to try in 2016. We’ll be there too with our famous BBQ.

The demo day fleet has grown significantly! Why not come along and try the latest and greatest from some of the top brands in the cycling world. Remember it’s a free event and everyone is welcome.

Mark Sealey, Store Manager, Hargroves Swindon

Booking of bikes is done on a first come first served basis and can only be done on the day itself. Please bring a helmet, all your usual clothing, shoes, pedals(if you want to use your own) photographic id (passport or driving licence) and credit card.

Bikes available to demo

Hargroves will bring their test fleet, with some of the industry’s leading brands being represented.

Manufacturer Model X‐Small Small Medium Large X‐Large RRP
Specalized Rhyme Comp Carbon small S £3,000
Fuse Pro 6Fattie M L £2,200
Camber FSR Expert Carbon M L £4,500
Camber FSR Comp Carbon 650B M L £3,000
Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon M L £4,500
Santa Cruz 5010 II C M L XL £3,099 – £3,999
Bronson C M L XL £3,099 – £3,999
Tallboy CC M L XL From £4,599
Heckler M L From £2,249
Nomad C 27.2 M L XL £4,599
Hightower C M L XL £3,999
Highball 29 L £1,499 – £1,799

Women specific brand

Furtardo C XS S M L £3,099 – £3,999
Roubion C S M L £3,099 – £3,999
Joplin C S M £4,699 – £5,599
Nevis C M £2,399 – £2,799
Cannondale Slate Ultegra M £2,799.99
Slate CX1 L £2,999.99
FSi Carbon 1 M L £3,999.99
Habit Carbon 1 M L £4,499.99
Beast of the East 1 M L £2,099.99
Bad Habit 1 M L £2,999.99
Trigger Carbon 1 M L £5,499.99
Jekyll Carbon 1 L £5,499.99
Jekyll Carbon 2 L £4,499.99
Fat CAAD 1 M £2,599.99
Cube Stereo 140 HPA Race £2,299
Stereo 140 HPC £2,999
Reaction GTC Pro £1,399
Scott Scale 710 Plus M L £1,899
Spark 910 M L £3,399
Genius 710 M £3,799
Genius 710 plus L £3,799
E spark 710 M £3,499
E genius 910 L £3,999

Videos from the 2015 Demo day

Terms and Conditions

  • Always wear a helmet : you are not permitted to ride any of the bikes unless you are wearing a helmet.
  • Familiarise yourself with the bike : remember all bikes behave differently, so take your time to become familiar with the bike before tackling technical trails.
  • Don’t push the limits : the demo day is designed to give you an opportunity to feel how the bike you are interested in buying, performs in a real off road environment. The bike must be treated with respect and ridden only in the manner in which it has been designed. KEEP BOTH WHEELS IN CONTACT WITH THE GROUND AT ALL TIMES – RIDE WITHIN YOUR ABILITIES
  • Stick to the trail : Croft Country Park has miles of way-marked cross country bike trails. PLEASE STICK TO THEM and stay off foot paths. Trust us, the ride is much more rewarding if you do.
  • Ask a member of staff : Hargroves Cycles staff, along with bicycle manufacturer representatives are on hand to answer any questions you might have. Please let them help you set up the suspension for the bike you choose to ride BEFORE you set off. This will provide a much better ride quality and also resist damaging the bike. Make sure you are riding an appropriate sized bike and don’t exceed the maximum seat height.

You will be required to hand in your Driving License/Passport and matching credit card along with a sign in/waiver form. We will store these items in a locked money safe hidden away from public view behind locked doors. Your Driving License/Passport and security credit card is kept under our full responsibility. While in your possession, the bike you are riding is your responsibility. If you allow anybody else to ride the cycle, that too is your responsibility until the cycle has been returned. It is expected to get muddy and dirty, so have fun. However, it is your responsibility to pay for any damage resulting from miss use. A snapped chain or puncture is not considered to be miss use. Puncture repair facilities are available at base camp or if you are riding with a guide, they will be carrying essential tools. Any injury sustained when out on a bike, is solely your responsibility. Hargroves Cycles Ltd, its staff or the manufacturers supplying bikes on the day, may not be held responsible.