Trail build report: 24th Jan – flood, corner cutting & berm

Whilst Phil was at work I did an easy job – I changed the trail line approaching the woodwork near the start so there wasn’t a sharp bend on the way in. This was near impossible to ride when damp.

After Phil arrived then we straightened out some sharp corners in the sectino that we call “motorway 2”. The trail took a contorted line round the back of trees and we simplified things by taking the obvious route. We built up some berms whilst we were there.

Finally we took a look at a rock section that Phil had built in the place of a big puddle.

The area with the wood was completely rearranged in early 2010. Photos of digging it up from 10th April 2010 and 22nd April.

The berms at motorway2 were rebuilt and properly surfaced in January 2011.

The rock section was dug up and moved in December 2010, continued in March 2011, and surfaced in March 2011.

Full trail build diary.

Flood at Croft Woods in Swindon.
Corner cutting berm at Croft Trail in Swindon. Rock feature to replace big puddle.

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