Spring finally sprung. Build progress 9th/10th April.

I spent 4 hours on Friday afternoon moving material for the new berms. The sun was shining and spring had clearly begun. It was light until 7:30pm.

Saturday was also a warm and sunny day. We noticed that some of the trees had just started to turn green and there was new grass growing. We could still see most of the new start from one point, but think that within a week that will no longer be possible.

At the trail Phil and Kate did some more berm moving work. I arrived a bit later and we finished off the removal of the old berms. The ground was returned to its natural state. Within a few weeks we doubt that anyone could tell that the trail had ever been there. The material was used to build the new berms for the new Red section.

We spent the afternoon and evening moving the woodwork sections. Our anonymous friend turned up and spent a few hours helping us. We were helped for a while by two riders who’d been reading the website.
Thanks to everyone.


This is the partially dug up berm.

Berm being removed.

We built these berms in September 2008. It was one of the first jobs we did. Before that they were flat corners.

Berm under construction.

Top berm the day it was built.

Back to recent times: moving the woodwork sections.Woodwork being moved.

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