Second trail build day – berm shaping

This was our second trail build day (Phil and Tom). At that time we had no idea where this project was going to go. We just saw a trail with potential and wanted to start making some changes to it.

For this day we built berms on two flat corners that we felt needed them. The material used for sufacing back then was yellow pea gravel. In 2010 we moved on to using the far superior type 1 Limestone chippings.

This is the first recorded evidence of our habit of working until we can’t see any more. The final job was building a small rocky bump on the very boring straight that used to exist in that section of trai.

The whole area was redeveloped in early 2010. The berms were put out of action in April 2010 after the new start had been opened in March 2010. The boring straight was rearranged in 2010 to make the more interesting woodwork loop that we opened in May 2010.

Full trail build diary.

New berm at the Croft Trail in Swindon.
Working in the dark at the Croft Trail.

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