First trail build day – rock moving and berm shaping

This was the very first build day for what was to become the MBSwindon club 18 months later. Phil had heard about the trail in the woods behind Nationwide and taken a look. He asked me (Tom) if I was up for a spot of trail building and I said yes.

We spotted a nice rock that we thought would make a good feature so our first activity was to move the rock and build an optional loop to it.

We reshaped a mound on the next bit of trail to try and make it bit more interesting to ride over. Then we tweeked the following corner.

Our second big task for the day was building up a corner that needed a berm.

Finally we used a length of railway sleeper to make an optional plank crossing over a small ditch. This was one of my favoruite features on the trail at the time.

All of these features were decommissioned in March 2010 when we rearranged the whole start of the trail.

Full trail build diary.

First trail build day at the Croft Trail in the woods behind Nationwide in Swindon.
First berm at the Croft Trail in Swindon.

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