Trail build report, Sunday 14th March 2010.

We had a late start at 1pm because it was mothering Sunday.

We had decided to go for Gold and get the new start finished by the end of the day. In some ways a bit of a mad plan, but it’s amazing how much can get done when there’s a target to meet.

Phil and myself started by doing some mud moving on the first berm of section 1. Then we dug out the third bermed corner. At this point Mr Anonymous arrived and moved a load of slabs down ready to use as base material. The three of us then started filling in the section with chipped concrete (actually Limestone chippings). Mr Anonymous had to go, but a short while later Pete turned up. Between us we completely filled the section with chippings. So, we had a complete section that hadn’t even existed the previous morning, apart from some branch clearance.

Pete then occupied himself finishing off section 4 whilst Phil and myself sorted out the start corner that connects to section 1. The old trail was dug up and the gravel used on top of the chippings. The old trail was filled back in, a load of branches added to discourage people and a new sign post put in. This process was repeated at several points round the new start loop.

It was dark by the time we had finished, but the new start loop is now open and surfaced. Over the next few weeks any remaining material on old sections will be dug up and the probation service are going to put a layer of the yellow gravel down.

We’re really pleased to finish this slighty ahead of schedule. We can now get on with moving the woodwork and building the new red section.


Arranging paving slabs as base material of a mountain bike track in Swindonl.

New bermed corner takes shape.

New start corner at Croft Trail, Swindon.

Finishing off the start section in the dark.

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