Trail build report: Sun 15th Jan 2012, Triangle surfacing + exit

Newly surfaced trail from the previous day.

Newly surfaced mountain bike trail. Newly surfaced trail in Wiltshire.

We’d made great progress on the previous day. The tasks for this day were to finish off a few patches in the triangle, spread the limestone dust onto the surface and to make more progress with the exit section.

Kristian, John Proudman, Gary Lee, Karl and Cameron spent most of the day doing the finishing off and dust spreading. Thin patches were filled in, a few extra mini berms were added, it was all compacted and then dusted.

Meanwhile Andy Matthews, Phil, John Speed, Lee Morgan, and myself (Tom) worked on the exit. Richard and Mike Jeffries joined us a bit later. Andy dug out all of the final section by himself. The big dip was filled with rubble (drainage issues) and the following bank was dug out and reinforced with rubble too. The final ramp had large rocks moved into place. (See 15th May 2010 and 2011 plus 28th Dec 2010).

In the late afternoon everyone shifted limestone and the whole lot was filled in. Most of the section from the final bridge to the dip already had chippings piled up but this had never been finished off and needed remedial work.

We took the chance to do some minor remedial work to the existing trail just after the point where the new bit will join it. A muddy groove was forming.

Our last job was to sort out the berm before the exit bridge.

We’re in great shape for our next build weekend (Saturday 4th Feb and Sunday 6th Feb. We’ve only got around 150m to fill in and we’ll have the Land Rover on site on the Saturday. We’ll have the section open for our April open day.

Spreading dust onto new mountain bike trail.
Moving bricks at a trail build day.
Tipping limestone at a trail build day. Trimming branches.
New trail at Croft Woods in Wiltshire.
Trail building group at the Croft Trail in Swindon.
Trail build progress map for the Croft Trail in Swindon. Jan 2012.

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