Weekend trip to Mudtrek (near Brechfa)

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Mudtrek describe themselves as “the ski chalet for mountain bikers”. They are located in Wales near the Brechfa trails.

See the ride report from our Febrary trip to Mudtrek.

Group of muddy mountain bikers at Brechfa with Mudtrek

Previous visits to Brechfa: April 2011 and December 2010 plus our Brechfa trail guide.

The approximate plan is:

  • Arrive Friday evening and drink beer (some might meet at midday and do a ride round a trail).
  • Do an epic ride straight from Mudtrek on Saturday with Jason
  • Saturday evening go to the pub (Mudtrek will take us).
  • Sunday do a shorter ride.

The price is £112.50 per person (10% discount from advertised price). That covers accomodation, breakfast, lunch and evening meal for two days (menu). There’s guiding on the Saturday plus we’ve negotiated a lift to the pub so that everyone can drink if they want to.

Facebook reviews plus this on Bikeradar.

To book a place you’ll need to send a deposit of £28 to Tom (email tom at mbswindon dot co dot uk for details).

MudTrek Barn

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