Trail build report: 25th Oct – moving red gravel

This was before we had any Land Rover enthusiasts to help us and before we started using the power barrow (Muck Truck). So we had to handball material using wheel barrows. As you can see from the photograph we were already looking for ways of making the job easier.The material was type 1 road building sculpings. A lot better than the yellow pea gravel that was on site for the other trail building at the time, though not as good as the Type 1 limestone that we use now.

Present on this day were Steve, Phil, Rob Fairbrother and me (Tom).

We fixed a few boggy patches including on the east side of the pitch. Then we filled in a really muddy section next to what we now call Pete’s steps (built in November 2009, remodelled in April 2011 and November 2011).

Full trail build diary.

Car towing a gravel sack.

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