Build report: Sat 26th Nov 2011 Surfacing Piper’s hill climb

We had two targets for the weekend: surface the climb on Piper’s hill plus make a start on the last remaining mud section of the trail: the east side of the pitch. Piper’s hill had been dug out in April 2011 and survived really well as mud (see the build report from April). The onset of winter was threatening to turn it into a mud pit though. The east side of the pitch had been mud ever since we cut the route out in November 2008.

On Piper’s hill we had a plan to make sure that Pete’s steps were a proper short cut. This involved digging a new line slightly higher up the hill from the top of the steps and then making the alternative route twist back onto. This gave the long cut two sharp corners plus a bit of extra length. Diagram showing layout before and after.

The day started off quietly with just Tony la Porte and myself (Tom) on site. I busied myself cutting out the new line whilst Tony started on the east side of the pitch. A while later I was joined by Mike Jeffries and then Jerome. Chris arrived and then two more. With some serious gravel shifting fire power plus the power barrow we started filling in the Piper’s hill climb.

Tony, Jez and Mike Jeffries dug out the whole of the east side (200m) by the end of the day.

Piper’s hill was finished by the end of the day – we had another 100m of surfaced trail plus an improved layout.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and made it happen.

Moving limestone chippings at a trail build day.
Jerome dumps his load at MBSwindon trail build day.

Wiltshire trail build map Nov 2011.

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