Swindon – Knap hill epic (Robin’s rad ride)

Mountain biker on the Wansdyke.

Robin Steward has planned this ‘Enduro’ run out to Knap Hill from Swindon.

It’s similar to our Epic Ridgeway ride from June 2011 and our FFS ride from Sept 2011

Full option:
meet at Coate Water diving platform 9.30 for 9:45am start.
Short option:
meet at Barbury Castle car park, ready to ride for 10.30am.

Rough route: From Swindon…. familiar bits of the Marlborough Downs then on to Lockeridge, West Wood, Martinsell Hill, Oare Hill, Draycott Hill, Knap Hill (just north of Alton Priors), Avebury (refreshment break) and home. Something like this OS Map.

View from Wansdyke in Wiltshire.

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  1. mark

    i have not been out to much,do u think this maybe to much for me yet

  2. Rafe

    Hi Mark,

    It’s hard to say if one person would cope or not, but this is not a ride for the unfit or newbie that’s for sure!

    Best suggestion I can make is if you’re pretty fit and you’ve already done a couple of off-road rides of 30+ miles in a single day without issue then go for it. If not then go on a slightly easier club ride first and see how you fair.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Rafe

    Not sure what the short option is though, will ask Tom.

  4. Tom

    The short option is the long option but starting at Barbury Castle rather than Coate water. That knocks 5-6 miles off the route.

    If you’re happy navigating then you could come along and if it’s too fast then you could work your way back. It’s not going to be a mental pace and we’re happy to wait a bit.

    However, if you have real doubts then this isn’t the ride for you, but you are very welcome on our other rides.

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