Ride report (+video): Cwm Carn 27th Feb 2011

Previous ride report and information about Cwm Carn: July 2010

We met at 10:00am in the Cwm Carn car park. By 10:25 we had advanced along the car park picking up late arrivals and were ready to go. By this time we had a group of about 14 riders. We picked up a few more on the ride, two having done a bonus early lap and one having arrived late and caught us up.

The rooty climbs proved a decent challenge, though the tree stump was proving difficult due to the damp. A number of the party did the steps descent. At the top we did both the freeride and red descents.

As usual we had a really good social time, with the faster riders tackling the trail in a series of stabs and allowing the group to stay together.

I was really pleased because I made it up the concrete ramp first time.

James had a spectacular crash into the bushes on the final descent, ending up about 10m away from the trail. The riders behind him said that he had been going for it at the time. Lee also had a crash and caught it on his Go-Pro camera. Lee’s video of the final descent and crash.

A group of five did a second lap.

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