Ride report: Cwm Carn Sun 25th April 2010

Five of us met up in Cwm Carn car park for a 10am start. Gary, Pete, Phil, Tom and Tony.

It was dry but the ground was a bit wet in places so some of the steep sections were a bit tricky. I’ve ridden a lot of trails and still think that the climb at Cwm Carn is one of the most tricky around in terms of steep bits.

We followed the cross country route. I was involved in a bit of wimping out at the top of the optional steps near the bridge, but finally sorted that out.

At the top we did both the freeride and red routes. The freeride route was a lot better than I remembered it being and was worth a bit of whooping on some of the kickers.

It rained for about 5 minutes in the middle of the ride.

After that we hammered the various downhill bits and ended up feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

The plan for May is a few Friday night rides, a local day ride and a trip to Afan.

July Cwm Carn ride report.

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