Summer trip to Andorra with Singletrack Safari

Singletracksafari Andorra

After visiting the French alps in 2013, 2012 and 2011 then we’ve got something completely new for 2014.

This is  one week trip in Andorra with Singletrack Safari. It is based at a 4* hotel in Andorra.  See for an idea (website shows the 2013 hotel which was 3*).

There are two main options: 

  • Five days of guided riding plus a 2 day lift pass as part of the price. The start price is £525 (compare with list price of £555 with extra for lift pass).  If we have 1o or more then the price drops to £500, 15 means £475, and 20 means £450. The guided days are Sun, Mon, Tue and then Thurs and Fri.
  • The self guided option is £350 and  includes a 6 day bike pass.

All options can convert to half board for £75 extra (list price £115). Airport transfers from Barcelona are approximately £40.

To book or express an interest then please email tom at mbswindon co uk or post on the event Facebook page.

Deposit of £70 for self guided and £105 for guided. The remaining amount will be calculated later based on your options and the group size.