2012 events

Hargroves Demo Day 2012

A whole load of events have been added to the online calendar for 2012.

Worth noting are the Hargroves Demo Day (6th May), the Peak District Weekend (11th May) and the Morzine Trip (26th June).

We’ve got a load of relay races. Anyone can enter these and they are a good social event. The big ones for us are the Bristol Bikefest (9th June) and Bristol Oktoberfest. See also 2412, Mountain Mayhem and Sleepless in the saddle.

We’ll be adding the Croft Trail open day for early April when our new 950m section in the triangle will be opened.

We’re also working on an event for late April.

More info will be coming soon.

Ritchey Bristol Bikefest 2012 logo
Hit The Hills events logo. Bristol Oktoberfest 2012 logo
Chalet Flo in Morzine. Mountain Mayhem Logo

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