Stan’s NoTubes Bristol Oktoberfest 2012

Bristol Oktoberfest 2012 logo

The Bristol Oktoberfest is another one of our big race events. Last year we entered over 30 riders as solo riders, pairs, teams of 3 and teams of 4. Everyone is encouraged to get involved – it’s a lot of fun even if you doubt your race credentials.

The venue is also used for the Bristol Bikefest (see photos from 2011). The trails were upgraded in 2011 with the Nova Trail in Ashton Court and then the Yer Tiz trail in Leigh Woods opening at the end of the year.

You can enter via the Bikefest website. If you already have a team then it would be great if you enter as an MBSwindon team. If you haven’t got a team then contact us with your preferences (solo, pair, team, race/for fun) and we’ll work on allocating teams.

Women racer at Oktoberfest bike race.

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