Trail build progress and plans Dec 2010

Progress so far

We’ve been busy surfacing sections of trail as described in our development plans from August 2010.

The map below shows the areas that have been covered so far.

  • Yellow sections are unsurfaced or need resurfacing.
  • Red sections are existing surfaced areas.
  • Black sections are parts that have been recently surfaced.

Map of Croft Trail showing surfacing progress in Dec 2010.

The table below shows the length of trail that’s been rebuilt and surfaced. We’ve surfaced about 880m of trail in 8 build days, giving us around 104m per day. A decent group from the probation service (community payback) can achieve 180m per day, which is a lot. For distances under 30m then wheel barrows are quite quick, but for longer distances the power barrow is valuable. We’ve used about 65 tonnes to cover the 880m based on 13.5m per tonne.

Table showing trail build stats on 6th December 2010.

We’ve still got about 625m of trail waiting to be surfaced. At the current rate that will take about 6 build days. We’ve got 4 more days in December and then 4 days in January. So by the end of January we hope to have all of the affected areas surfaced.

The 880m already surfaced is 58% of the total of 1500m of trail in this analysis.

Trail build stats August 2010


The outline plans for further development are shown in blue below. There are three main sections shown:

  • 1- a small modification to a boggy area to give a longer descent down the hill.
  • 2 – a new 100m climb and descent with rock step option.
  • 3 – the triangle. New bridges, raised woodwork, rock options and other technical features planned.

Croft trail plans 6th Dec 2010.

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