Trail development plans Aug 2010

We’ve done a lot of trail building in 2010. Most of this has been rebuilding work, with a significant redesign of the layout. This has been done to remove confusing junctions, make better use of any gradient and to make the trail flow better. Pretty much the first third of the trail is now less than a year old.

You might be interested in what we want to do next.


  • 1 – Piper’s Hill. This is the area with the mud pile, log steps, big rock jump followed by a switchback. This had issues with poor soil and the trail sinking last winter. We’re going to fix this with rubble and a new layer of Limestone chippings. This is planned for September.
  • 2 – Surface missing section on South Side of pitch (area just before the final berms).
  • 3 – Surface an area of trail.
  • 4 – Rebuild section with smoother corner and more of a traverse.
  • 5 – East side of pitch. There’s space for 3 times as much trail here. We want to retain 90% of the current trail side, so it will break out and back in somewhere along the edge. A few features planned for this area.
  • 6 – Triangle. This will become part of the main trail rather than an optional loop. There will be two new bridges. We have already cut some undergrowth and found a decent way of connecting. The route in the triangle will be redesigned. Will be some interesting features to make it worth the visit. Rocks, bumps, sleepers, woodwork.

We’re interested in rider feedback. Which section or feature do you think is the worst on the trail? You can reply to this post, via email or on the Facebook group.

4 thoughts on “Trail development plans Aug 2010”

  1. Triangle is a major bugbear of mine. I like the woodwork sections in there but hate all the pissing about you have to do to get to it. Personally I’d like to see this section become all woodwork with some interesting twist and turns.

  2. Let me know when you chaps will be out there trail building again so I can see if I can lend a hand!

  3. Hi Chris, the triangle will be getting a complete makeover.
    I don’t think it’ll ever be all woodwork – issues with grip in the wet and the need for bypasses round things. However, we all want to build some more woodwork. I want some more single sleeper bridges, plus we’ve talked about wooden berms plus some roller coaster style bits of woodwork.

    Fyford. We’ll be adding build day events when we’ve sorted the dates, later this month. We aim to do at least 3 days of building per month plus a few evenings.

  4. Wow Sounds good. I really like the idea of having the triangle put into the track sounds really awesome 🙂

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