Trail build video and building stats.

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Some statistics from our recent trail building sessions.

  • 340m built.
  • 90m of old trail filled back in.
  • 41 hours build time.
  • 10 days from start to finish.
  • 14 volunteers involved.
  • 150 person hours.
  • 8m of new trail per hour and just over 2m per person hour.
  • Approx 25 tonnes of material dropped using a 250Kg barrow.
  • Hence about 100 barrow loads over 4 days, meaning 25 per day. An average of 3 loads per hour.
  • Each power barrow load of 250kg covered 3.4m of trail.
  • So about 10m per hour on the weekends.
  • A normal barrow of 100kg would cover 1.4m of trail.
  • That’s about 70kg of material per metre.
  • At £13 per tonne (inclusive of VAT and delivery etc) it cost 92p per metre in material.
  • Taking a density for crushed stone of 1,400kg/m3, a width of 800mm and 70Kg per metre implies a depth of 62mm. ie: a depth of 2.5″.
  • 1.8 tonnes of material per volunteer. That’s equivalent of 18 normal barrow loads per person.

Whichever way you look at it, the power barrow makes a massive difference to the rate at which trail can be surfaced.