UKBikePark Uplift day videos and photos

The 2013 gravity race team are sponsored by Muc Off UKBikePark.

This was a midweek uplift session and we ended up with 35 riders present (room for 40 maximum). Rain had been promised but it never happened. The trails were rock solid after several days without rain. Which was great.

A real mixture of riders were present and everyone progressed during the day. It was great to see such a supportive team spirit there. We will be back again soon -future events will be on the events calendar and club Facebook group.

There’s loads of videos from this trip too. They will be added here some time (if you’re lucky). 

Photos from a previous visit there.

Uplift at UKBikePark.

Road gap at UKBikePark

Big drop at UKBikePark.

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