Trail build report: Sat 10th Dec, East side of pitch

On the previous build day we’d surfaced about half of the trail section on the East side of the pitch (build report).

Our plans for the day were to surface the remaining 120m. We’d had 20 tonnes of type 1 limestone chippings delivered on Friday morning.

Things began at 9am when I arrived and Brandon hire delivered the Muck Truck and compacter. I was on my own for a short while so I carted two loads of chippings down to a boggy area near the end of the trail on the South West corner of the pitch.

At 10am then Tony Holmes and his wife Margaret arrived, having travelled down from Worcester. A short while later Rafe arrived with his Land Rover and we made a start on moving material. A short while later and Chris arrived, followed shortly by Gary Lee, Tony La Porte, Robin and then Gary Yeates and Kristian.

Phil turned up from work at 1pm and in a world first declared himself happy with the work that had been done so far.

With a decent number of people like this then work progressed well and the whole section was surfaced and dusted before it turned dark. We can never stop until it is dark though, so we found a few bonus jobs to do.

Jez had time to build up a berm in the following section with rubble, mud and then chippings.

Finally, we filled in a very short section of mud in the alley way. This was the true channel tunnel moment in terms of surfacing the trail. Every part of the open trail had now received some sort of stone based surfacing product.

A great day’s work and a significant moment for the club and trail.

Thanks to everyone who again worked so hard for the project.

The east side was first cut out in October 2008. Some minor surfacing was done in February 2009 plus some reshaping in April 2009 (no photos yet).

Shifting limestone chippings at the Croft Trail in Swindon.
Surfacing a berm at the Croft Trails in Swindon.
Raking and compacting chippings at the Croft Trail in Swindon.
Newly surfaced trail at the Croft Trail in Swindon.
Repaired berm by night at the Croft Trail in Swindon. Compacting chippings by dark at the Croft Trail in Swindon.
Map of Croft Trail showing surfacing progress in Dec 2010.
Above December 2010
Below December 2011
Croft Trail progress map from December 2011.

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