Trail build day (big one)

2012_12_15 Trail Building 120

We will have 20 tonnes of material on site and the plan is to shift as much as this is possible by Land Rover, power barrow and wheel barrow.

We will have a BBQ on site thanks to Tom Scott.

Teas, coffees, hot chocs and cakes from Kat.

We want this to be a people power day – where sheer numbers make shifting 20 tonnes easy. We’ve done it before several times! For example in March 2013.

The event runs from 10am until darkness. Turn up any time for as long as you want.

Facebook event page.

There’s been great progress at the trail over the last few years.  See the build diary for details.

2012_12_16 Trail Building 042

17_Sept_2011 Sat Trail Build Day 133

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