Coate ‘Water Babies’ Ride

Art_deco_diving_board,_Coate_Water,_Swindon, Scott will lead this nice and easy novice friendly ride. If you got a new bike for Christmas and are looking for a group ride to take it out on, here’s the perfect opportunity! This would be a great ride for novices (although the seasoned pros are allowed to enjoy it, too!). Possibly an opportunity for a mini train ride or a game of crazy golf afterwards, depending on weather…

4 thoughts on “Coate ‘Water Babies’ Ride”

  1. would love to join in on sunday, wondering within the 15 miles where you will be taking us all ,will we be any chance be heading up to chiseldon ?love that little incline or is it 8 laps around coate

  2. sweet will be there, could do with the stretch, i best bring some dollar for a pint in the sun inn at the finish

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