Sleepless in the saddle 2012 photos

Photos from Sleepless in the saddle 2012. We entered one team of 4 (Gary Lee, Jerome Crametz, John Speed and Tom Stickland). We came 22nd out of 75 teams in the sport category.

Like all the twenty four hour events of 2012 it rained. Lap times slipped from 50 minutes to one hour and ten. Parts of the route became a slippery mess. I remember a bike that was too clogged to ride and too heavy to carry so pushing was the only option. I slipped back by half a step each time I pushed on the bike. It was very frustrating.

The route was adjusted overnight to cut out some of the really muddy sections and conditions did improve somewhat.

It was a bad year for the big events: Twentyfour12 was a washout (we were there) and Mountain Mayhem was a total mudfest.

SITS results 2012 (zip file).

Photos from 2011.

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