Ride report: Forest of Dean 6th Nov 2011

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Our Forest of Dean trips always seem to draw a decent crowd. There is a lot to offer with the Verderer’s trail, the original Freeminer’s (FODCA) trail plus the downhill runs and then loads of off-piste single track. See ride photos from August 2011 for more ideas. See also thefod.co.uk.

We met at the Pedalabikeaway centre. With almost 30 riders present we split into two groups: a faster group and a novice-friendly group.

Both groups started with a lap of the Verderer’s trail. The faster group made the route a bit longer by adding some off-piste extras including one of the downhill runs. Everyone met up back at the Pedalabikeaway centre. Everyone agreed that the Verderer’s trail has some great bits on it with the final descent being the best part.

Both groups then did another lap. The faster group did the Freeminers (VODCA) trail plus the Verderer’s plus some bits of the 10 mile enduro route. The other group did the Freeminer’s plus the last third of the Vederer’s.


Lap1 OS Map, Lap1 GPX

Lap2 OS Map, Lap2 GPX

Verderer's trail Forest of Dean.
Muddy ramp at Forest of Dean.
Rooty drop at Forest of Dean