Review: 3 Northern Trails

This was a solo trip to some trails in the North of England on a bit of holiday I took after a work trip. I thought it would be worth writing a review of them.

See our trail centre map for more trail locations in the UK.

Google map of Kielder, Hamsterley and Gisburn mountain bike trail locations.

Verdict: all three trail centres offered interesting riding but two of them put me through some misery too.

  • The Lonesome Pine trail at Kielder has too much fire road for a so-so descent.
  • The Deadwater trails at Kielder are challenging and worth the visit.
  • Hamsterly has some great riding, do the Black/Red route hybrid for the best bits.
  • Gisburn is a great trail, it offers more variety and difficult climbing than most of the current big name trails like the Seven Stanes or the Welsh trails.

All three trails have volunteer groups working on them.

Flickr photos.

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