Croft Trail at the Great Swindon Bike Ride 2010.

Great Swindon Bike Ride 2010.

You might have heard that the Croft Trail is going to be used as a sideshow in the Great Swindon Bike Ride on Sat 19th June 2010. The initial brochure advertised a timed 2km loop at £2 per lap (or £6 for unlimited laps). The Trailbreak website still shows this.

The ctc website says something different though:
there will also be a beginner’s circuit and tester circuit of the Croft Trail. 2 route options will be signed by 2 different coloured signs. Riders will be given the option of riding with a timing Tag where their time and number of laps will be auto recorded. Spot prizes and rewards will be handed out to riders either doing well or achieving more than expected. Lap distances will be approx 4 – 5k with the possibility of offering a much shorter one for test riding.

Update Tuesday 8th June 2010:
All routes will be using part of Croft Trail on the way out onto the ridgeway and on the return.

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