Ride report: Castles 6th June 2010 (Macmillan charity ride).

This is an annual ride over the ridgeway, starting and finishing at the Croft leisure centre in Swindon. See the Castles ride website for more info.

MBSwindon had several riders present who covered all three route lengths. Pete and Kat, Phil, Tony, Chris, Simon, myself (Tom), plus two known recent recruits whos name escapes me, plus a new new recruit.

The route was a remix of the previous year’s, but the other way round for most of it. Things got off to a fast start, so I got caught up in an enjoyable race with other riders. Quite antisocial for the rest of the group, but they weren’t far behind. I got round in 2 hours and 20 minutes and the rest were a few minutes later, so we’re looking at an average speed of between 11 and 12 mph. It turned out that pretty much everyone had decided to have a bit of a race too.

Phil’s GPS data showed 45km in 2 hours and 25 minutes. That’s 28 miles and 11.6mph. I managed a slightly quicker time, so hopefully 12mph. About that anyway.

We called round at The Check Inn for food and a sneaky afternoon beer.

We’ll be there for the Castles bike ride 2011.

Castles Bike Ride 6th June 2010

Castles Bike Ride 6th June 2010

Castles Bike Ride 6th June 2010

Castles Bike Ride 6th June 2010

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