2010 Castles Bike Ride (Macmillan)

Not a mbswindon club event, but a must-do for all local mountain bikers and for a worthy cause, Macmillan Cancer Support.

See their website for more information: http://www.castlesbikeride.co.uk/

We want to enter a large team for this because the largest team of finishers wins the event.

If you would like to ride as part of the MB Swindon team then you will need to send us your application form and cheque so we can submit them together.
Application forms can be found at http://www.castlesbikeride.co.uk/forms/2010_forms/EntryFormA5.pdf

Cheques STILL need to be made payable to Macmillan Cancer Support however. The deadline for this is the 25th of May to give us time to get them sent off. The address to send them to is:

MB Swindon
16 Denbeck Wood

Facebook event.

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  1. Pete Toop

    Is there going to be a MBS team for the castles ride?

  2. Phil

    I guess it would be nice to put one together Pete. I know myself, Rafe and Tom will be there along with a few others.

  3. Pete Toop

    hopefully you do the longer course..:-)

  4. Rafe

    You mean the shorter ones are actually an option?

  5. Alan West

    If its the same route as last year I will be paying my monies to charity and riding a completly different route as the route last year was the worst possible choice out of about 50 possible routes around this area.

    Anyway what date is it?

  6. Rafe

    It’s on the 6th June.

    Sorry, the event date wasn’t shown very clearly was it? Have updated the site so the date/time of an event is more obvious.

  7. Tom

    We want to go for the biggest team possible because we could win it then. Largest number of finishers is a win.

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