Club ride: Ashton Court + Leigh Woods (new trail)

Jump at Ashton Court.

The Ashton Court trails were rebuilt in 2011 and there’s a whole new trail in nearby Leigh Woods that opened in late December (trail plans plus Bristol Trails Group website). We’ll be visiting all of the trails plus maybe some old favourites in 50 Acre wood.

See ride reports from Dec 2011, Oct 2011 (inc video), Oct 2010 and Oktoberfest 2011.

View Bikefest Ashton Court + 50 Acre + Leigh Woods in a larger map

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  1. Tim

    Guys do you think you could put the ride dates in a Google Calendar? I for one would find that useful as I could add it to my phone calendar and it would be automatically updated…

  2. Rafe

    Tim – I asked the others and apparently most people sync their phone with the facebook calendar (events are always put on here and on FB, don’t really want to have a third place, though we do have a google calendar that we use as a team). Does that help you? If not let me know and I can see what other alternatives there are.

  3. Pete

    Can’t see the Facebook events page since I don’t have an account. Can it be made more public?


  4. Tom

    All events are listed on the website.

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