Ride report: Ashton Court Sun 9th Oct 2011

This was a recce ride for the Bristol Okotberfest ride (see 2010 Oktoberfest photos).

MBSwindon riders at Ashton Court.

The trails at Ashton Court were recently re-opened after being rebuilt. The old trail didn’t stand up well to the level of use and in the wet turned into a mud pit. The new trail is completely surfaced with rock chippings. Most of the trail follows the same line as the old route. There’s a new red section that zig zags through a small wood in the centre of the site.

The golf club car park is cold and windy at the best of times. When I arrived at 10:10am the early winter drizzle meant that the waiting group were cold and wet.

We had a great turn out – around 18 riders including several new faces.

Woman riding down rocks at Ashton Court.

So many riders plus a few punctures and then a trail that doubled back on itself in the middle meant that the group soon broke into several factions. This wasn’t a problem and meant that everyone got to ride the trail at whatever pace suited them.

Woman riding at Ashton Court trailsCyclocross bike at Ashton Court.

By 3pm we had four riders left and we called it a day a while later and went to the Nova Scotia for beer.

Airbourne at Ashton Court.Jump at Ashton Court.

See ride report from 2010.


Ashton Court trail map OS Map, GPX, Map My Ride.



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