Trail build report: Sun 23rd Oct 2011

We’d already shifted 20 Tonnes of limestone chippings on the previous day (photos and info). We had another 10 Tonnes of chippings and a lot of trail waiting to be dumped on.

Things got off to a bit of quiet start after Chris had delivered the power barrow. It was like the old days with just Phil and myself there. I got on with shifting material with the power barrow whilst Phil fixed up some of the trail from the previous day.

We found Andy Matthews eating lunch next to some trees and he joined us. James and his friend also arrived along with his father, David.

Man eating picnic in woods.
It's amazing what you find down at the trail.

We continued moving material until disaster struck and the rear axle ripped itself off the power barrow.

With that gone we moved back onto wheel barrows even though it was a fair distance to push. Just as things were flagging a bit then Simon from The Big Adventure Store arrived and helped us finish off the gravel pile. We were about two barrow loads short from connecting up two sections of surfaced trail. Pete from cccc/Bourton Cycles was also there following a ride.

Broken Muck Truck.
Oh dear

Shifting last of gravel pile. More finished trail.
By the end of weekend we’d got another 30 Tonnes of material turned into 300m of trail. There’s just over 900m of new trail in the triangle section so we’ve surfaced 2/3rds of it now.

We’ve got build weekends every month. Check our events page for upcoming days.

Big pile of gravel.
10am Saturday
Gravel pile....gone.
6pm Sunday
Trail building progress at the Croft Trail in Swindon October 2011.

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