Trail build report: Sat 22nd Oct 2011

Shifting gravel at a trail build day. Tipping gravel from wheel barrow.

On our previous build day we’d surfaced about 1/3rd of the new trail in the triangle area. We wanted to repeat that achievement so that we were over half way to completing the triangle.

The power barrow and compactor were delivered by Brandon Hire at 9am. I was shortly joined by Jason, Richard,Phil (not Mayger) and Tony. Then Chris and Andy Matthews. We helped Tony fill the power barrow and used good old fashioned wheel barrows to move material whilst he was off dumping his load. Six people can shift a lot of material. We filled in most of the exit route in an hour or two.

Big thanks to Nigel Gregson for repairing a load of our wheel barrows. He’s got a few more to add to the fleet too, which is great.

Gravel shifting team.

Finished berm at moutain bike trail in Swindon.

For our afternoon shift we had Pete and his Land Rover available. We launched a pincer attack on the far section: Land Rover from one end, power barrow from the other. A team of four worked full time on filling duties whilst other people unloaded at the other end. Working like this allowed a lot of trail to be surfaced.

We had a bit of personell swap, with Phil Mayger, Krispin, Jon Proudman and Gary Lee arriving.

By 6pm we had shifted around 20 tonnes of material. That’s a complete large lorry load and enough to cover around 200m of trail.

Moving limestone chippings at mountain bike trail.
Big pile of gravel.
10am Saturday
Small pile of gravel.
Trail build progress at Croft Trail in Swindon on 22nd October 2011.

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