Ride report: Bertie Maffoons shop ride Wed 1st Aug 2012

Mid Wilts Way near Pewsey in Wiltshire.

This was a ride lead by Sean from Bertie Maffoons bike shop in Marlborough.

Sean lead us off down lanes past Clatford and into West Woods. Inside conditions were a bit damp and several paths had grown over due to lack of use over the wet summer.

The route sneakily worked onto the Wansdyke path where we were rewarded with some great evening views South towards Salisbury plain.

I had been in a real “can’t be arsed” mood before the start of this ride. Seeing Salisbury plain across the valley under a setting sun made me think what a wasted opportunity it would have been sat inside at home.

Evening view from Martinsell hill fort in Wiltshire.

We followed the West Wilts way up to Martinsell Hill fort. The descent from this was great in the dusk. It was only when I looked at the map at home that I realised that we’d ridden up this on Robin’s epic ride (photo).

Because of the conditions then a road link was used in place of the obvious bridleway to Savernake. We then followed an intricate set of narrow paths around Savernake before taking the descent back to Marlborough.

Photos from the May 2012 Bertie Maffoons ride.

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