Update from club supporter Mike Buss (gym and training)

Mike Buss training centre in Swindon.Mike Buss is a supporter of the race teams and the club. Members received half price membership at the fitness centre which offers a range of training options and classes including Boot Camp, Gutbuster and Kettlebells. Take a look at the timetable for an idea.  Mike is committed to increasing the fitness of the residents of Swindon and Wiltshire. He is also quite open minded about yoga!

The Stratton gym is no longer part of the Mike Buss empire. Membership is being honoured for a year anyway by the current management of that gym.

Meanwhile the Swindon gym is expanding and there will be spinning bikes coming soon.

Mike is very keen to support grass roots organisations such as MBSwindon in promoting exercise for all. So the half price membership offer is still there (£5 per month) plus the  support for the race teams. See the full list of club discounts.

Mike Buss boot camp Swindon MILFIT

Hannah Boardman is offering bike fitting sessions at the gym, some for free.

If you want to discuss anything to do with training, nutrition, rest etc then call Mike any time.

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