Twentyfour12 – 24 hour relay race 2011

Twentyfour12 mountain bike event logo 2011.

Bontrager Twentyfour12 is an endurance mountain bike race around a course of approximately 12-14km, entirely off road. There’s a 24 hour race, a 12hour one starting at midday. The venue is perhaps England’s finest with beautiful scenery, a flat arena/camping area complimented by a course that has been host to five rounds of the Cross Country World Cup in the 1990s and continues to have a superb reputation for variety and fun riding.

Twentyfour12 website.

We’re going to enter as many teams as we can fill. If you want to take part then email Phil at mbswindon dot co dot uk. You can discuss the event on our forum here.

5 thoughts on “Twentyfour12 – 24 hour relay race 2011”

  1. Hi
    Just reading your blog on bike radar. I saw this event and thought it looked fun. Have done a few enduros. I think I am reasonably fit. I wouldn’t mind getting invovled with the 12 hour event. I haven’t as yet got great lights but do need to invest in some for later in the year for a similar event.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the reply. No I meant maybe in a team, I think the four person team would be best but would have ago at the two team one to. It just looked liked something a little different to have ago at.
    The club I am with are not putting any teams in or they don’t seem to do stuff like that.

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