Mountain Biking Swindon also run training courses with two different course programmes – Core Skills (for beginners and regular riders) and Trail Riding Skills (for regular and intermediate riders) – we can help you get more out of your mountain bike whether you’re a total beginner or a regular rider looking to improve (see some of the course feedback below).

All of the courses are led by qualified mountain bike instructors and run to the same level as commercially available courses. However, thanks to assistance from CTC Swindon Cycling Champions project (funded by The Big Lottery) and because our trainers run the courses voluntarily, we can offer them at a substantially lower rate (as much as 80% cheaper than commercial companies!) with all the proceeds going directly into supporting the club and its work at the Croft Trail.

For full details and to book a place please select the course(s) that interest you:

Core Skills – Not just for beginners but also for riders that have never done a skills course before and would like to ensure they’ve got the core skills and techniques right.

Trail Riding Skills – For riders that are confident that they’ve nailed the core skills and now want to move up a level and learn how to ride trails smoother, faster, better.

NOTE: With only six places per course date we strongly advise you book quickly as we ran out of spaces in previous years.


Here’s a sample of the excellent feedback we get regarding our courses:

“Of all the money I have spent on my bike, clothing and spares, the trail skills course was the one I would most recommend and got more from. Do it, you will definitely notice the difference. Nik”

“I’ve done a core course with one of the companies that advertises on the internet and the club’s courses. The only difference was that the club courses were £60 cheaper. The quality of the instruction was as good if not better than the ‘commercial’ course. Richard”

“So last night I went for a ride with my “Dad”. He looked like my Dad, rode the same bike as my Dad. But, he didn’t RIDE like my Dad. What have you and your core skills training done!! The marked increase in technique, confidence and ability since the core skills training is quite incredible. I was hunting out the steepest declines and drops which he rode with ease, and found a good set of steps which after 2 runs he decided he’d start jumping off. Amazing stuff. Phil.”