Trail tidy session

Adding logs to the side of a mountain bike trail.This was a trail tidy session. The idea was to do various odd jobs in preparation for the Hargroves Cycles Demo Day.

A group started on a litter sweep of the trail. 

We got a bit sidetracked and did some trail fixing at the end of a section that we call “motorway1”.  We converted an annoying lump into a small jump. Whilst we were there we turned another rock into a small jump. That’s two small jumps in place of annoying things.

Then we moved onto our main objective for the day – moving logs from the recent logging operations. We stacked them up so that the contractor could remove them with less damage to our trail.

We then fixed a few corner cutting problems by pegging logs into the ground on the inside edge of the corners. This was mainly done in the section we call “motorway2”. A short cut was closed off next to the tennis courts with more logs. Finally we installed some logs on a corner on the east side of the pitch.

Because it was still a bit early then we decided to tidy up the car park ready for the demo day. This area tends to receive a lot of litter from the type of people who use parks for their night time social activities. Their demographic leaves fast food wrappers, coke cans, drink bottles, cigarette packets and the occasional condom packet. We gave it a good clear up and even scraped all the mud out of the gutters which made it look a lot better.

As a real bonus I found a £10 note when litter picking.

See the complete build diary. Future trail building sessions will be listed on our events page.

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