Trail guide: Nant Yr Arian

This trail centre is located a few miles East of Aberystwth in mid Wales.

There are three waymarked trails that all start from the visitor centre café. The routes share the start and finish sections, plus others on the way round, so they can easily be linked together to create a bespoke ride depending on your ability or energy on the day.

Route summary

Name, colour, official dist, height gain, (google map distance):

  • Pendam Trail, Red, 9km, 220m (10km, 6.2miles)
  • The Summit Trail, 16km, 310m, (14km, 8.7miles)
  • Syfydrin Trail, 35km, 670m, (35km, 21.7miles)
  • Summit Trail + Pendam is 20.5km, 12.7miles
  • Pendam loop from Sphagetti junction is 4.8km, 3miles

Route map pdf.

View Nant Y Arian mountain bike trails in a larger map

Most people add the Pendam loop round the lake to the Summit trail so that they cover all of the single track in the centre. The Syfydrin adds a long cross country loop out over the hills to the Pendam trail. Bikely map of Pendam + Summit route.

It’s also possible to loop straight back onto the start section from the top of the hill before the last section. This allows a second lap to be made, though the big descent and climb can be left out.

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